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Dongguan KeFu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was found in 2007, is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture, sales and service of precision mould in one of the precision mould parts manufacturers, which have been widely applied in many fields, such as precision medical mould, connector mould,various types of cosmetic mould, PET preform mould, medical apparatus & instruments, jig, etc. We also provide many types of precision mould parts, jig parts, non-standard, standard round parts, as well as machine parts.

KeFu attaches great importance to team construction and investment of precision equipment. We have introduced a group of senior technicians with production Europe and Japan precision parts experience.And the company technical force is rich, well-equipped,advanced technology, such as we have Mitsubishi and Sodick EDM machine, Japan Mitsubishi and SEIBUOPE Wire Cutting machine, WAIDA-SPG-X Optical Grinding, MAZAK and TAKISAWA CNC Lathe, MAKINO CNC Machining Center, surface grinding machine, centerless grinding machine, ladder grinding machine, outer diameter/inner hole grinding machine. Inspection Equipment include Hexagon three-dimensional detector, Nikon projector, Mitutoyo 2.5D tool microscope, Swiss TRIMOS height gage, Nikon height gage and Hardness Tester for test and measurement.

Registered Fund:3000,000RMB
Managing Director:Zeng Yong
Headquarter:Dongguan, China

Products/Processes:provide many types of precision mould parts for automation control, jig parts, non-standard,standard round parts, thimble, flat cotters, as well as machine parts.
Products Involved:widely applied in many fields, such as precision stamping mould, plastic injection mould, automobile, PC connector, electronic communications , medical apparatus & instruments, jig, etc.
Material:Steel(VIKING 、SKH51 、ASP23 、PD613 、SKD11 、DC53 、S45C 、SKS3、DF-2、 XW-5、 HSS、 S-7、 H13、 XW-10、 90MnCrv8、 100-40、 45C) 、Copper(Brass 、bronze、beryllium copper)、   Aluminium、Stainless steel 、Nylon、Pom, etc.