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Dongguan Kegao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company is a manufacturer of precision mold accessories integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The products are widely used in precision medical molds, connector molds, automobile molds, pharmaceutical molds, cosmetics molds, bottle embryo molds, medical devices and fixtures and other fields. Processing and sales of various precision molds, automation, fixtures, non-standard parts, standard round parts, mechanical components.

Kegao attaches great importance to the training of technical teams and investment in precision equipment. The company has a group of senior technicians with many years of experience in precision parts manufacturing abroad (Europe and Japan), with strong technical force and perfect equipment system. At present, we have equipment: Japan Mitsubishi, Shamir, Sadik precision amplifier, Mitsubishi, Western Wire Cutting, WAIDA-SPG-X optical grinding, Mazak, Longze CNC lathe, Makino 5-axis, Taiwan Xinquan, Beijing Jingdiao CNC, etc., surface grinder, centerless grinder, step grinder, permanent internal and external cylindrical grinder and other series of precision processing equipment. The testing equipment includes Hikscon 3D, Nikon projector, Sanfeng tool microscope Swiss TRIMOS anime height gauge, Nikon height gauge, hardness tester and other series of precision testing equipment.

Time of establishment: 2007

Registered capital: 3 million

Legal representative: Zeng Yong

Headquarters: Chang'an Town, Dongguan, China

Number of employees: 98

Business scope: R&D, production and marketing, automation equipment and accessories, mold accessories, hardware accessories, punch products, plastic products

Products involved in: precision medical mold, connector mold, automobile mold, medical mold, cosmetics mold, bottle embryo mold, medical devices and fixtures and other fields.

Processing materials: steel (VIKING, SKH51, ASP23, PD613, SKD11, DC53, S45C, SKS3, DF-2, XW-5, HSS, S-7, H13, XW-10, 90MnCrv8, 100-40, 45C), copper (brass, bronze, beryllium copper), aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, POM, etc